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emerging future possibilities

Areas of Practice

We weave the multidisciplinary threads of our four areas of practice and develop together holistic and regenerative solutions for your organization to grow into a healthy structure while taping into emerging future possibilities.

Management Advisory

Sycamore Consulting collaborates with management teams to provide advice, training, and support that will enable you to thrive and reach meaningful accomplishments, wherever you are in your organizational lifecycle. We carefully study your organization to understand your needs in specific areas such as business and strategy development, organizational structuring, process design, change management, professional development, performance optimization, and monitoring and evaluation.

After working together to develop a plan that incorporates all of your goals and addresses potential challenges, we customize and execute trainings that will empower your team with the confidence to take ownership of their work.

When relevant, we train your team leaders in how to deliver trainings and implement changes themselves to ensure sustainability and foster a spirit of engagement at all levels of your organization.

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Our Approach

Working towards learning and growth… We ensure there is a learning curve that empowers teams in every entity we work with to see things with fresh eyes, foster change and adapt to the future needs of an ever changing environment.


Working with appreciation… We use appreciative inquiries that allow teams to focus on what works for them and to build on it. We believe conflict is an opportunity and we enable groups to approach their conflicting issues with a positive outlook in order to create a better new reality for themselves and their stakeholders.


Working in depth... We use alternative frameworks that help groups go to the essence and connect to the source of matters by exploring deeper as individuals and as a collective.


Working with emergence... Our work is fluid and goes with the flow. We listen to the energy and qualities brought about by the people with whom we work. We focus on enhancing group dynamics and pay close attention to the resonance of the team in order for new ideas and perspectives to emerge.

Working for sustainability… We strive to ensure that the outcome of the consultancy is regenerative and helpful for individuals to tap into their underlying potential and contribute their best to the collective.

Working holistically… Our work creates synergies as we interweave our multidisciplinary practice to ensure that systemic transformation can harmoniously occur while cultivating solid cohesion within and among consulted entities.

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