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Who We Are

Sycamore Consulting is a social enterprise providing organizations with the support they need to identify their strengths, tap into their potential and achieve meaningful accomplishments.

We help your team members acknowledge their passions and skills in order to identify the right role for them within your structure. We create spaces for them to establish and restore mindful connections with one another and allow the collective wisdom to pave the way forward.

Our services weave multidisciplinary practices including management advisory, conflict transformation, dialogue and reflection spaces, and community development. We are also trilingual, providing services in English, French, and Arabic.

Our clients range from small, medium, and large enterprises to civil society organizations and government institutions in a broad geographic region, including the Nile Basin, North and West Africa, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and Europe.

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We embrace diversity with an open heart.

What Matters To Us

Our Team

Our core team possesses a diverse array of experiences and skills that allow us to provide comprehensive solutions for your organization.

Mohamed EL MONGY

Mohamed is a certified mediator with over 20 years of experience in sustainable development and conflict transformation. Prior to founding Sycamore Consulting, Mohamed was Co-Founder and Director at Misriyati for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Processes. A passionate believer in pan-African collaboration and the ability to transform situations through meaningful dialogue, Mohamed recently co-founded the Nile Forum, a platform and a learning ecology where people of - and interested in - the Nile Basin can engage in meaningful conversation, collective learning processes, reconnecting to the land and its stories and inspiring trans-local collaborations.

Throughout his professional career, Mohamed has also held a variety of positions in sustainability consulting, brand management, and project management. Mohamed holds an MSc in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and is currently pursuing his PhD in Integral Design. He also holds certifications in conflict resolution, agriculture and ecosystem services, and climate change and water.



Névine has over 10 years of experience in the fields of management and consultancy, with a focus on business transformation, training and facilitation, and project management. She holds a genuine desire to help spreading a culture of peace and regenerating the African heritage. Since 2014, she has leveraged her skillset to serve as an independent management and transformation consultant for a diverse group of NGOs, social and environmental startups, multinational corporations, and international organizations. Key social entrepreneurship and grassroots initiatives projects on which Névine has collaborated have focused on pursuing new livelihoods for rural women, addressing the ever-growing affordable housing needs, enhancing governmental technical education practices and introducing the digital concept of “clickfunding”.

Névine began her professional career at Orascom Development Holding, where she held a variety of positions that allowed her hone her skills in business development and strategic management. A dual citizen of France and Egypt, Névine holds a BS in International Hospitality Management from École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland.


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